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HEADSHOT ► 10 € / 15 $

HALFBODY ► 15 € / 20 $

FULLBODY ► 20 € / 25 $

*Include flat background.

*Extra character: 

— Human: +50% each one.

— Big animals: +60% each one.

— Monsters: +70% each one.




HEADSHOT ► 20 € / 25 $

HALFBODY ► 25 € / 30 $

FULLBODY ► 30 € / 35 $

*Include flat background.

*Extra character: 

— Human: +50% each one.

— Big animals: +60% each one.

— Monsters: +70% each one.




HEADSHOT ► 30 € / 35 $

HALFBODY ► 35 € / 40 $

FULLBODY ► 40 € / 45 $

*Include flat background.

*Extra character: 

— Human: +50% each one.

— Big animals: +60% each one.

— Monsters: +70% each one.



HEADSHOT ► 40 € / 45 $

HALFBODY ► 50 € / 55 $

FULLBODY ► 60 € / 65 $

HEADSHOT ► 70 € / 75 $

HALFBODY ► 80 € / 85 $

FULLBODY ► 90 € / 95 $

* Pices can vary depends of the


*Include flat background.

*Extra character: 

— Human: +50% each one.

— Big animals: +60% each one.

— Monsters: +70% each one.

flat color

shade color


FURNITURE ► 10 € / 15 $ 



BACKGROUND ► 30 € / 35 $


BACKGROUND ► 50 €* / 55 $*


*Price may vary depends on the



SIMPLE ICON ► 10 € / 15 $

COUPLE ICON ► 15 € / 20 $





You have to email me to with the information listed below. When whe reach and agreedment with the price and the details of the commission I'll send you a Paypal invoice. I start drawing once I receive the payment, and after I finish any previous commissions in my queue. [You can check out the list down below] Finishing an commission usually takes me between 5 days and two weeks depending on the complexity. I'll always show you the sketch before start with the color to confirm that everything it’s ok. When I finish the commission I’ll send you the file in high resolution [normally as  A3 size] and PNG. Sometimes I post the image with less resolution on my social media unless you tell me not to do it.  I have a kofi if you want to add any tip for the commission:

When you contact me for a commission, you have to include the next info:


Type of commission [Lineart, gif, icon, flat color or shadding], how many characters are in it, and if it is headshot, halfbody or full body. [ej. Flat color+ two characters + headshot, etc]

Description  or references. You need to give me a description of clothes and every important detail. I also need some idea of their personality or if you want an especial facial expression and pose but please don’t send me huge texts about their history.

Photos are always welcomed but I would need a confirmation of the color of some things like hair and eyes because sometimes light are tricky. It can be sketches, or moodboards or everything that can help me to get a better idea about the character.

♥  Your PayPal email, for billing.


Your user name on tumblr/twitter/instagram or any social media that you have so I can mention you. This it’s optional but I would need a name to add you to the commission queue below. It can be the twitter or instagram user!

— Patience. You can check out the list if you need to know but there’s no need to send me emails to see if I have start your commission yet. And if I have tell you a date for it please don't push me until the date comes.

— I speak Spanish and English so feel free to tak to me in either of those languages.

— Don't be afraid to contact me with questions abot the commissions, there's not compromise in asking but if you don't want a commission, don't let me hang, tell me that you're not interested. P L E A S E.

Terms of Service


I only accept payment via PayPal. All prices listed on this page are meant for private use only. If you want to order an illustration for commercial use you have to ask me via email. The prices will increase depending on the work.

♦ There's a list of things that I don't draw:

 — Furries although I'm totally okay with human with some animal characteristics.

—  Gore, but I'm totally fine with blood as long as it's not with sensitive issues like suicide.

— Don't ask me to draw in a different style from the one I have. I don’t feel comfortable adjusting my art to someone’s style.

—  Hard nsfw. [I'm totally comfortable with partial nudity or light nsfw]

— Mechas.

♦  I have the right to decline a commission if I don't feel like drawing the prompt or if anything makes me uncomfortable.

♦  Orders are non-refundable once I start drawing.



I have all the rights to the illustration, so I can do with it what I think is necessary, for example upload the image to any network, but you can tell me not to do it if you don’t want it, I have to problem with it!

—  As a client you can: Upload the image to other networks but always giving me credit as the artist [with any link to my social media, or the web]

— Print the image or make any type of merchandising, as long as it is for your personal use or a gift but never to sell.

— Use it as your profile, in any network as long as it's a personal page.


You are not authorized to:

— Modify or trace my work under any circumstances without my permission.

— Use the illustration commercially.

— Delete my signature.​

— Claim the picture as yours.

If you decide to commission me you acept all this!

commission queue


— Bardy Hard


I am open for any work of personal or commercial illustration,

contact me here.