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About me

Maka is a 25-year-old freelance artist from Spain, a lover of juvenile literature and comics who decided to take a pencil some time ago and begin to capture all that enthusiasm in illustrations as long as her restless cats allow her to work.

She enjoys trying out various styles from semi-realism to cartoon and use photoshop and a Huion GT-185 and focus mostly on illustrations for covers, any editorial illustration, posters, concept art, digital and web illustration. 





Nocturna Ediciones. [Promotional gifs of Grace Mallory, Ruby Lawrence y Bill Mustang from Silverville by Victoria Ávalrez. ]

Red apple Ediciones. [ Promotional illustrations of Estefanía from Por el corazón de Estefanía by Victoria Magno. ]

Clau Read books [ Three illustrations of Gianna Elyon & Mila from El príncipe del sol By Claudia Ramirez ]

Ediciones Freya. [ Promotional illustrations of El último lirio del invierno by Sara Cruces Salguero. ]

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